We are love
in action

  • We are visionaries, dreamers, revolutionaries, artists, and optimists.
  • We are the everyday purposeful change makers, lovers of the good, and DIY idealism.
  • We believe that individuals have a massive impact on humanity & the planet.
  • We are committed to improving the world, one inspired act of service at a time.
  • Through the Love On Revolution™, we are scientifically proving that your actions are more powerful than you EVER imagined!
  • We are of the people, by the people, and for the people.
  • We owe this to ourselves, our planet, and our children.
  • We are the Love On Revolution™...and the Revolution has begun!

Our Mission

To improve the world; one radically selfless good deed at a time.


For the first time in human history, we have the ability to use cutting edge technology to easily & clearly quantify the Ripple Effect of your actions, and we’re doing just that -- via stories, photos, videos, and our interactive Love On™ Map.


Humans love results, and our technology tracks your impact, showing how your inspired acts of service really do make a difference. We believe once you see how powerful your good deeds are, you’ll be inspired to keep doing them.


Our goal is to unleash your desire to “pay it forward” to at least one person a day, thus changing their lives, in large or small ways, for the better. We want to awaken the creative power of love inside of you. We want to harness the power of people united in service to create positive social reform. We support causes that heal our people and heal our planet.


We believe if we all try a little harder to be a little kinder and live a little more bravely, there will be a much brighter future for us all.


We believe in YOU.

Join the Love On Revolution™

What’s possible when people are united in love & service?
What could we accomplish together if we all did a little?


Step by step, inch by inch, our simple acts of love would exponentially spread around the globe, creating a positive momentum so strong it could literally impact billions of lives each day.


Just imagine how that could look and feel in our daily lives...if you guessed AMAZING then you’re right!


By joining together, we can affect global change, solve the problems at the root of war, greed, crime & poverty, environmental issues at a rapid pace.

Through seemingly minor adjustments, we can radically reshape the foundation of our societies, and eradicate so much unnecessary suffering.


This revolution of love on a massive global scale can trigger the elevation of consciousness at the heart of every spiritual tradition, thus reconnecting humanity, healing our planet, and positively altering the fate of our human race.


All by just paying it forward once a day in some simple, amazingly meaningful way.



What will you inspire next?