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The Love On Revolution™ is love in action

"We Are The Golden Rule Personified"

We are a fun global movement that tracks the ripple effect you create when you pay it forward! 

For the first time in history, we can map your personal ripple effect using our trackable Love On Wristbands!  Let us show you the inspirational videos, photos, & stories that your kindness inspires around the world!!

Our Mission is to inspire, change lives, and prove your actions make a lasting difference in this world.  Love On! 

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"Your Actions Are More Powerful Than You Think"

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Register Your Wristband

Order a pack of Love On™ Wristbands & register the unique
6 digit code to activate it. Each wristband is its own
social movement in Paying it Forward & tracking your ripple effect! 
Keep it simple, have fun, and keep the momentum alive!

Love On™ Challenge

We challenge you Love On™ someone in less than 3 days or ASAP.
Pass on your Love On Wristband by either
1) Telling someone you LOVE them, 2) with a Random Act of Kindness, or 3) as a Thank You.

Map Your Ripple Effect

For the first time in history, track the videos, photos,
and stories that your good deed inspires on our Love On™ Map!
Create a following & watch your ripple effect impact number grow!
What will you inspire next?

Spread The Love

Share your Love On™ Story and tag your friend on 
Facebook you loved on. Challenge them to join
the Love On Revolution™ & pass it on.  Create new Love On™ Experiments daily & spread the love around the world!

"The Love On Revolution™ is the proof and recognition that we are all connected in this human experience."

-Founder & CEO Johnny Ronca


We promise to pay it
forward and plant a tree
for every wristband and better
t-shirt purchased.

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What will you inspire next?